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When you step inside Congregation Shaarei Shamayim there’s a spirit of holiness that lets you know that this is a very special place. “We are a community of families who care about each other, and together we seek Gd,” says Rabbi Mark Kunis. “We try to break down the barriers and walls that separate our people, so everyone feels welcome.”

Congregation Shaarei Shamayim began with a Purim Seuda (festive meal) at the end of February 2002. Soon we moved into our Briarcliff Rd. location with just 30 families. In just a few years, membership had expanded to 120 families and in 2016, Shaarei Shamayim moved into permanent facilities on Mt. Mariah Road off North Druid Hills Road.

Our Boutique Shul

Shaarei Shamayim is what Rabbi Kunis likes to call, “our Boutique Shul!”

It actively works to keep members engaged. “We may not be very large, but we offer a sacred space for our members to grow spiritually. We are a participatory shul. Our members, who can, chant the different parts of the service, and for those who can’t, we offer to teach them. And from time to time, members will lead Torah study as well,” said Kunis. Throughout the year, members also celebrate Sabbath meals and holidays together, including a Seder during Passover, Purim, and Chanukah. 

In addition to the many feasts and activities planned for members and guests, Shaarei Shamayim’s Torah Scholars Institute presents the best of Atlanta’s Jewish Scholars several times a year. 

Anyone looking to join an intimate, involved congregation can fill out an online application at: Although there is a set dues structure, if members can’t afford the set dues, they pay what they can afford.


Contact Info

Shaarei Shamayim
1600 Mount Mariah
Atlanta, GA 30329
(404) 417-0472

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